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The "Catch-22" of stress relief:

When you are stressed,
learning stress-relief skills seems like a big "project,"
and big projects are too stressful to start!

The result: more stress, no learning, and no relief.

But... what if you could learn in small daily "chunks" that are fast, easy, and fun to digest?

...and what if you could provide these chunks to your visitors without sending them to another site?

That's what CUFeeds is all about.

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About CUFeeds

  • Over 600 text, video, and podcast files  with hundreds of ideas for reducing AND AVOIDING stress

  • All content is from WebMD Expert Blogger Dave Balch.

  • Five formats accommodate different learning styles.

  • Content with Personality™ that is informal, fun, and easy to read, watch, or listen to.

  • Each format changes every day... automatically!

  • Opt-in email features send daily tips to those who request them.

CUFeeds offers a prescription for hope. As a physician, I know that anyone with good stress management skills is better at everything they do. This content delivers great tips created by someone who knows his stuff delivered in a way that they can be received.

Vicki Rackner, MD
Former Surgeon
Expert in Doctor-Patient Relationships
Speaker, Author, and Founder of Pain Stompers

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