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When you invest in CUFeeds, what will be the return on your investment?

We'll figure it out for you! Simply tell us how many employees you have and their average hourly wage. Then, estimate how many extra minutes of productivity you will gain every day, on average, over and above the time they spend with our content.

(It's fun to change your estimate of added productivity and see effect on ROI!)

How many employees do you have?
Example: 550
What is their average hourly wage?
Example: 50 (fifty dollars an hour,
do not enter dollar sign)
How many extra minutes per day
of productivity do you think you will gain
 per employee, in excess of the time
 they spend with our content?
Example: 5.5 (5 minutes, 30 seconds per day
of extra productivity over and above
the time spent with our content)
Your annual investment:    
Value of additional productivity:    
Return on your investment:    
(For every dollar you invest, you will gain    in productivity!)


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