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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we customize your content to match our look-and-feel?

Yes. Content is displayed enclosed within "skins" which can be customized to match your site. You can even customize the fonts we use, and change them without our support

How much does it cost?

CUFeeds is priced differently for different applications, and is scaled when appropriate. For example, an employer with 1500 employees will pay less per employee than an employer with 500 employees. Pricing always includes bandwidth and unlimited access, so you can budget with confidence that there will be no surprises. Contact us for pricing.

Can your content be found anywhere else on the Internet?

No, all of our content (except articles) is only available to subscribers.

Is it difficult or expensive to install CUFeeds on my website?

No. It takes only a few simple lines of code to put our content on your pages. There is no additional or ongoing effort or expense.

What will our pages look like when your content is added?

It’s your page and your look/feel; you integrate our content any way you choose. Our content is inserted dynamically when your pages are viewed by visitors.

What if an individual employee wants more?

They can request a series of emails sent directly to their inbox. Each message will carry your logo/brand to emphasize this benefit that you are providing. We comply with the highest Internet standards and require double opt-in in order to send this email content.

What do you  mean by "pushing" content?

Pushing content means that we will email content to your employees on a regular basis rather than require them to take the initiative to come to the website to find it. For example, we can send a CopingQuickie™ to each employee by email twice every week. Quickies are short and easy to read, and will considerably raise the probability that the content will be consumed and therefore have the desired effect of reducing employee stress.  We can include links to our other content on your website, so employees who are inspired by the Quickie can get more ideas and therefore even better results. We can even include links to other benefits that you offer to increase usage of those benefits, which gives you a double whammy: an increase in your ROI on those benefits which increases your ROI on CUFeeds as well!

Do we have to give you all of our employee email addresses in order for you to push content?

No. We don't want the list and you don't want to give it to us! Here's how it would work: your IT people will create a special email address for us to use. Emails sent to that address will then be automatically forwarded (by you) to your entire employee list. This maintains security of your list and ensures that the list is up-to-date. (You may want the ability to approve the email before it is forwarded, which is a simple thing for your IT people to set up.)

Will my hosting cost more because of the video and podcasts in your content?

No. We pay for all bandwidth required for our content including video and podcast streaming.




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